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Awakening Balance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Join us this Winter in blue ridge, georgia

“Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we already are.” Pema Chodron

certified by yoga alliance

retreat styled training in the blue ridge mountains

Awakening Balance provides a holistic training experience by offering a retreat-styled program in the beautiful mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. Our training offers Ayurvedic practices to help practitioners integrate healthy routines into their lifestyle, so they can better serve their community. You will look at the Yin and Yang ways of practicing Yoga and lifestyle in order create balance in your day-to-day life.

The 200 Hour Training is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to deepen their self care practice and personal growth journey.
  • Meditation students who want to work with Asana to bring more healing into their bodies.
  • Health practitioners who want to compliment their existing practice.
  • Yoga students who are ready to become a yoga teacher and share what they love with their friends, family and communities.

About The SChool

Awakening Balance is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) that provides retreat-styled trainings to nurture grounded practitioners and integral leaders. We specialize in Ayurveda, Yoga and other healing modalities that support growth and transformation. Our trainings offer Ayurvedic practices to help practitioners integrate healthy routines into their lifestyle, so they can better serve their communities. Our mission is to share tangible holistic health practices to create balance in day to day lives.

“The world doesn’t need another yoga teacher… the world needs leaders who are aligned with their dharma and share from a deep place of integrity and authenticity, and who inspire others to do the same.” – Melanie Madhuri Philips

Event Details

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Heartwood Retreat Center in Blue Ridge, Georgia


200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor by Yoga Alliance


Awakening Balance is registered with Yoga Alliance and meets the elevated RYS 200 and E-RYT 500 standards. 

Course Dates 2024

  • Jan 13-15
  • Jan 26-31
  • Feb 10-12
  • Feb 20, 27 zoom call 6-9pm
  • March 16-18
  • March 30-31


  • 7am-7pm with an hour lunch and dinner and breaks

In person study

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Ayurveda
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Technique, training and hands on practice
  • Teaching methodology
  • Esoteric Body
  • Chakra Psychology 
  • Sound therapy 
  • Business of Yoga

Online study

20 hours online Anatomy, included in the price

Sign up

Please email Christina Law at or text/call 404-587-8016 to sign up and learn more.


Program: $2,900 including oatmeal breakfasts and soup or stew for dinner, BYO lunch, does not include overnight stay

Deposit: $250 to hold your spot

Books: $120 (approximately)

Overnight Housing: $30/night

No hidden fees

Payment plans available to suit your needs


Enjoy our luxury accommodations in the Heartwood Retreat Center. It is a beautiful 13 bedroom home with a kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor porches and view. Private room and shared room options available.

Our Instructors

With a passion for health and over two decades of teaching Yoga, Christina Law, E-RYT 500, shares tangible holistic wellness practices to help people thrive. She started Awakening Balance, a Yoga and Ayurveda school that offers retreat-styled trainings. Christina is the Directing Manager at Heartwood Health Art and Yoga in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Specializing in Yoga, Thai Bodywork, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy and Faster EFT,  she brings a healing experience to her students and clients that is holistic and unique.

Reya Sol, RYT, is a community facilitator who specializes in Movement Dance, Yoga and Nonviolent Communication. She has been a Yoga practitioner for over ten years. Reya shares unique healing arts classes for self exploration and body-based awareness to inspire interpersonal growth and social transformation. In 2021, she started Heart of Sol Healing Arts to nurture creative healing in her community through classes and events.


Class Review

“Her holistic eight limbs approach to yoga gave me a very well-rounded and much deeper understanding of the philosophy, mechanics and nuance of the yoga lifestyle.” Rob Ervin

Last year I decided I would deepen my yoga practice by becoming a certified Yoga Instructor.  It was by far one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. Christina is a fully invested, thorough, patient and compassionate instructor. Her holistic eight limbs approach to yoga gave me a very well-rounded and much deeper understanding of the philosophy, mechanics and nuance of the yoga lifestyle. Christina made herself abundantly available to all of her students and afforded each of them equal time and attention. Her classes were insightful, comfortable and just challenging enough. I couldn’t imagine beginning my journey as a yoga instructor any other way. I would recommend her teacher training to any perspective yoga teacher.

Rob Ervin

I had been waiting many years for the right teacher training and when I heard this one incorporated Ayurveda and Chakra Psychology, I knew it was the one for me. It was a beautiful retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lunch and dinner was provided and we had an intimate group of people who were ready to grow and transform together. Christina is a very talented instructor who loves to teach. She was so supportive and available for any questions or concerns I had. You can tell she lives and breathes health and wellness. She is so passionate, down to earth and hilarious. There was never a dull moment! Since the training, I have grown and expanded in my own healing journey so much! So much came up in my personal life that needed my loving attention, and thanks to these practices I gained the strength to face my fears with gentleness and compassion. Thank you Christina, I feel so much more confident and ready to share this practice with my community. I am wiggling my way to a rhythmic flow of seasonal living and daily routines that fuel me. A balance of nurturing myself, and then giving to my community from a place of fullness. I am Awakening Balance.

Reya Sol 

Christina’s ability to hold space for others is remarkable! She gives so much insight and guidance to those struggling and has an amazing ability to create, perform and organize under pressure. People gravitate towards her light for healing. My favorite is her sense of humor even in intense situations. She can make anyone smile when they’re feeling blue. She inspires others to achieve optimal well-being by being the lead example!

Massiel Ocampo