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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Awakening Balance is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) that provides retreat-styled trainings to nurture grounded practitioners and integral leaders. We specialize in Ayurveda, Yoga and other healing modalities that support growth and transformation. Our trainings offer Ayurvedic practices to help practitioners integrate healthy routines into their lifestyle, so they can better serve their communities. Our mission is to share tangible holistic health practices to create balance in day to day lives.

Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork is an ancient art that promotes physical, mental and emotional healing. The recipient wears comfortable clothing and lies down or is seated on a cushioned massage mat. Christina guides you through a series of stretches and postures while massaging and applying pressure along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. After being trained in Thailand and almost two decades of practice, Christina has created a unique healing experience that incorporates Vedic Marma Therapy and Pranic Healing for a holistic healing approach.

Christina also offers in person Thai Bodywork trainings giving CEU’s. Her next ones are December 7-10 2023 and March 7-10 2024

Emotional Trauma Release

In Emotional Trauma Release, the recipient taps on different areas of the body to disrupt the signal between the brain and the major organs that trigger the fight or flight response. It gets to the root cause of the memory associated with the trigger while changing neural pathways in the neocortex of the brain. In her private practice, Christina shares her many years of study in Chakra Psychology and Faster EFT tapping with her clients. Her sessions are a catalyst for change and an opportunity to let go and transform in all areas of life: personal, professional, emotional, psychological, physical and financial. No matter how big the trauma, she loves to help folks reclaim themselves, so they can thrive.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Because Ayurveda emphasizes balance in all areas of your life, Christina will not only examine your body but will take an extensive personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, profession and working conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health.
She will prescribe a detailed treatment plan according to your unique needs with lifestyle recommendations, exercise/Yoga therapy, dietary changes, breath work, meditation, and possible other referrals for care. 
With the multiple modalities she offers, she is able to look at a larger range of treatments. 
Schedule a 15 min free consult with her to see if you are good candidate for a session. 

Christina is completing her Ayurvedic Practitioner’s and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy certification through Nama. She has been studying Ayurveda for a decade now.

Christina has truly changed my life for the better!!! My sessions with her have been transformational!

Katie Walker

Christina Law is an amazing, gifted healer.  I go to her for tune ups as well as deep healing sessions and always feel so much more vibrant, alive and centered when I do.  

Nancy Chancey-Naturopath

My session with Christina was cathartic. Lifetimes of trauma released and alchemized. Thank you. Thank you!

Kristen Finnerty Kainrath

The brief session we had allowed me to release specific buried trauma with my deceased father. Then she helped me create a new amazing memory with him that I cherish to this day!

Sunshine Allard
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