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A family friendly music, performance and healing arts festival in Blue Ridge, Georgia! Consider changing the world through art and love by immersing yourself in an intentional experience in nature full of spirit, art, yoga, meditation, healing, and freedom!

Enjoy a beautiful lake to swim in, many acres to roam and camp in, creeks to play in, a produce garden to mosey around in! Experience a movement class at the yoga deck, learn a new skill at the primitive skills tent, enjoy a sound bath at the sound tent, receive a session with a wellness practitioner

Get your groove on at the main stage, shop for local handmade goods and arts, enjoy a snack at the snack bar, share songs and drumming by the bonfire each night. This is a weekend packed full of opportunities for connection and heart opening experiences.


Main Stage



7pm Open Mic & Talent show




11:30-11:55pm David Busch, Speaker ‘Web of Life’


12-12:20pm Alison Gurevich, Speaker ‘Yin’

12:25-12:45pm Joanna Corby, Speaker ‘Food Based Healing’

12:50-1:10pm Kathy Peake, Speaker “Scar Release & Vagus Nerve Stimulation” 

1:15-2pm Open Poetry 

2:00-2:45pm Lore, Feral Earth

3-4pm Katie Martin, Folk Soul Blues

4:15-5:15pm Freeman Leverett, Dreamy & Hypnotic

5:30-6:30pm Hair of the Dog, Cajun Zydeco 


6:15pm DINNER 

6:45-7:45pm Deni Phoenix and the Fervor, Jazz Soul & Southern Rock

8-9:15pm Natti Love Joys, Reggae 

8-9:15pm Setesh Free, Ecstatic Dance


10-10:30am Cheri August Flake, The Stress Therapist, Speaker ‘Meditation 101’

10:45-11:45am Gershone & Gina Mantra Music

11:15am BRUNCH

11:55-12:15pm Christy Renee, Speaker ‘Courage’

12:30-1:30pm Second Nature, Alternative Rock

1:45-2:45pm Chelsea Shag, Funk Singer Songwriter

3-4pm Indee Star, Indie Folk Pop Singer Songwriter

4:15-5:15pm Dawn Loves Nash, Music of Love & Real Life

5:30-6:30pm Spirit Messengers, Psychedelic Progressive Rock

6:45pm DINNER

6:45-7:45pm Flying Mystics, Sonic Healing Vibrations

8-9pm Biko Casini, Percussionist Ngoni Player and Songwriter

9-10pm-Roots Grown Deep, World Musical Ecology

10:15pm DRUM CIRCLE at the Fire 



10:45-11:45am Jamie Empert, Native American Flute & Percussion

11:30am BRUNCH

12-12:20 Maya Rae, Speaker ‘Plant Music’

12:25-12:45pm Reya Sol, Native American Flute Play 

12:50pm Laura Grace Gill, Solo Dance Performance ‘Whisper’ 

1-2:30pm SOL DANCE, Ecstatic Dance 

2:30-3pm Woman Be True, Cosmic & Ancient Frequencies for Healing 

3-4pm Amelia Doll, Heart Harmonics

4-5pm David Cheatham, Folk Mountain Jam 

5:00-9pm Open Jam 

5:45pm DINNER 




3:45-5pm Kendall, Reconnect and Recharge, Slow Vinyasa/Hatha 

5-6:15pm Reya Sol, Embodied Movement & Dance 




9:15-10:45am Grace Asharah, Art of Self Sourcing 

10:45-11:45am Shane Orfas, Tai Chi Qi Gong 

12pm BRUNCH 

1-2:30pm Kelsey Beth Creates, Color Meditation with Sound Healing 

2:30-3:30pm Ophelia, Belly Dancing

3:30-4:30 Katie Scott, Hip Activation

4:30-6pm Gershone & Gina, Embodied Bliss Yoga & Mantra 

6:15pm DINNER 


8-9:30am Margo & Karen, Sonic Yoga 

9:45-11am Crystal Robbins, Partner Yoga 

11:15am BRUNCH 

1-2:15pm Emily Dee, Flowlesque 

2:30-4pm Shonali Banerjee, We are of the Earth! Yoga + Song 

4-5:30pm Katie Scott, Contact Improv 

5:30-6:30pm Indee Star, Gentle Yin Yoga Flow & Sound bath 

6:45pm DINNER 


9-10:15am Jessi McCarty, The Gunas/Yoga Asana & Philosophy  

10:15-11:15am Parker, Gentle Hatha Yoga

11:30am BRUNCH 

2:45-4:15pm Mariah Bridges Varner, Somatic Reset

5:45pm DINNER

Healing Heart Tent


3:45-5pm Jacquelyn Howard, Yin Yoga 




9:15-10:30am Allatra Katarina, Past Life Regression 

10:45-11:45am Mark Anderson, Breath Based Meditation 

12pm BRUNCH 

1-2:15pm Gabrielle Martorona, Sacred Cacao Rituals and Recipes 

2:30-3:30pm Spirit Messengers, Kirtan 

3:45-4:30pm Sharon Yun, EFT 

4:45-6pm Alexa Schackelford, Primal Breath Work

6:15pm DINNER

7:15-8:15pm Jessi Stone, Woman’s Moon Circle 


8:15-9:30am Michael Wakefield, Circular Breathing 

9:45-11am Tori Madison, Vocal Toning 

11:15am BRUNCH

1-2:15pm Radha Rose & Josh, Ecstatic Kirtan  Singing Circle

2:30-4pm Meegs Owen, Sole Heeling, Reflexology & Foot Massage 

4:15–5:30pm Kelsey Leahy, Faeral Folk Songs & Stories

5:30-6:30pm Krissy Warmack, Yoga Nidra 

6:45pm DINNER 



8:45-10:15am Thomas Yun, The Dream Collective 

10:15-11:15am Laurel Askue, The Sedona Method 

11:30am BRUNCH 

1-2:15pm Allatra Katerina, Future Life Progression 

2:30-4:30pm Lore, Facing Activist Burnout

4:15-5:15pm Sharon Yun, Emotional Frequency Tapping

5:45pm DINNER 

Primitive Skills


9-11:45am Clara Moon, The Art of Sacred Scripting 

12pm BRUNCH 

1-4pm James Clinskales, Flint Knapping 

4:30-6pm Joanna Corby, DNA Activation & The Vagus Nerve 

6:15pm DINNER


9-11:45am Frea Forager, Wild Weaving Woven Trays 

11:15am BRUNCH

12:20-2pm Catherine Yellowroot, Plant Walk 

1-4:30pm Eric Slaughter, Wooden Spoons

4:30-6pm James Clinkskales, Friction Fire 

6:45pm DINNER 


9:15-11:15 April Bell, Arial Yoga 

10-11:15am Timu, Relationship with the Forest: Intro to Foraging

11:30am BRUNCH 

2:30-5:30PM Catherine Yellowroot, Local Herbalism

5:45pm DINNER

Vendors & Healing Artists

Meghan Cole, Kaluna Botanicals 

Tatiana Mark, Be One Chiropractic 

Ashley Sisco, Secondhand Sisco

Aumdoc Clofine, Aumdoc’s RattleHead

Amelia Stamsta, Amelia Mae’s Handmade Goods

Christina Dew, Local Leaf Botanica + Earth Crafts 

Nicole Makinney, Rising Heart Art and Thai Bodywork 

Liberty Grant, Hive Holistics 

Catie Jordan, Willow Tiger Alchemy

Tarah Griswold, Tarah Belle Designs

Audrey Brookshire, Safe Haven Energy Healing 

Kristi Snellgrove, Spiritual Coaching and Readings

Kristen Warmack, Massage and Reiki

GinaRenay Designs, Handcrafted Clothing Accessories and Home Decor

Bruna Possobon, Body Paint Expressions, Tribal Body Painting and Henna

Red Tent


Workshops, classes, music, parking, morning coffee and swimming in the lake. Camping is included in 3-Day and 2-Day Passes only. Ages 16 and under have free admission. Food is not included in the ticket. Ages 10 and older must order a meal ticket.


IMPORTANT! If you plan on participating in brunch and dinner you must order a meal ticket! All meal tickets must be purchased in advanced and cannot be purchased at the door. This helps us know how much food to make. Ages 10 and older must order a meal ticket. 

There are no food vendors except a small snack bar, so if you don’t purchase a meal ticket you must bring your own food. The meal ticket includes Friday brunch through Sunday dinner. Brunch is at noon and dinner is at 7pm and will always be served in the downtown outdoor kitchen. There will be gluten free and vegan options. We will also be serving coffee every morning.

✨The meal ticket includes 3 brunches and 3 dinners for $50 per person. Ages 14 and under eat for free. You can still buy one at 20% off until Sunday.

We will cut off the meal ticket a couple weeks before the event so we can anticipate the amount of people we will be feeding.

The menu is vegan and gluten free except for the obvious options that might have gluten and dairy on the side, but not in the main dishes. We might have some meat options available. We will be serving basic coffee every morning for free.

Thursday at 7:30pm we will have a community potluck.

Brunch is the same menu every day and will vary:

roasted potatoes, veggies, grits, eggs.


Veggie stew & salad


Vegan chili, rice, sour crème, cheese, tortillas and veggies


Stir fry veggies and rice

Thank you in advance to Chef Sean Blalock and our volunteers ❤️

Adria Chancey, is also going to run the snack bar with healthy snacks for sale like: Chia pudding w/fresh fruit & coconut yogurt, Veg and hummus platter, super salad nori wraps w/green goodness dressing, lettuce cups with lemon tahini dressing

Gluten free homemade flatbread sandwiches with freshly cultured cashew and coconut cream cheez, veggies, greens

Fruit based ice cream

*Menu and prices to come

?✨AND we will have a beautiful drink menu by Liberty Grant

*Menu and prices to come


Doors open at noon on Thursday, feel free to come then to set up early. Activities begin Friday. Festival ends at 9pm Sunday. If you stay into Monday you will be expected to help on Monday.

What to bring

Cash for the snack bar, vendors and private wellness sessions, bowl, fork, spoon, mug, and water bottle, camping supplies, bathing suit, picnic blanket, yoga mat, towel, camp chair, garbage bags, snacks, water jugs, tarps for rain.


Address: 459 Johnson Rd Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513

Atlanta to 75 North to Exit 268 onto I-575 North for 18 miles,
turns into SR-5 North towards Canton,
go 31 more miles on SR-5 North,
take a left on Maxwell Rd for 0.7 miles,
take a right on Johnson Rd, less than a mile stop at registration tent.

So if you prefer staying in a sweet Airbnb on an amazing conscious farm our friends at Kaluna Farm Retreat are opening their doors for you during our festival.

Kaluna Farm Retreat is a conscious living ecosystem 20 minutes down the road from the festival. They offer a variety of cabins, yurt and a treehouse with options for kitchens and private baths. Check them ou at Dancing Tree guest will get a 10 percent discount!

The festival dates are blocked so contact them at to make a reservation.


Are dogs allowed?
Not really – we have made some exceptions. A discussion must be made. We have a strict leash and dog poop pick up policy as we have bear feet running around. Absolutely no aggressive or barking dogs allowed, you will be asked to leave.

Will we be allowed to drive to our campsites to unload?
No. You will be able to park at the entrance of the woods to unload, and then will need to park your car in the parking lot. Once you park you can then come back and bring your stuff in to your campsite. We will have wheelbarrows and some teenagers helping.

Will our vehicle be able to remain at the campsite?
No. You can unload your things and then park your car where the registration team tells you to park.

Is alcohol at our campsite allowed?
This is a sober event to make it friendly for everyone. No obvious drunkenness’ in public areas and no beer holding , you will be asked to leave.

Is drinking water available?
IMPORTANT! Please bring water bottle. There will be no plastic bottles. We have well water to fill your water bottle at the sink at the snack bar.

Can you describe the bathroom facilities?
Porter johns and hand washing stations.

Is there electricity at the campsite?
No, some campsites have fire pits. All campsites are first come first serve.

Yes. Hot showers!

Tickets are LIVE! 
20% Discount extended until April 22! Enter code: winterlove

Would you like to be apart of the fun? Fill out an application below!

Please send all questions and inquiries to

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